Matplotlib In Python | 33 /100 Days of Python Algo Trading

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Congratulations on reaching this stage!

If you’re here, it means you’re truly dedicated to mastering Python. Directly below, you’ll find a quiz designed to help you reinforce what you’ve just learned. This isn’t just about recalling facts; it’s about deeply understanding the concepts. Take a moment to answer the questions and see how well you can apply the knowledge from the video. You’re doing great—every question you tackle brings you one step closer to becoming a Python expert!

Day 33: Matplotlib In Python

1. Which Matplotlib function would you use to plot the closing prices of a stock over time?
2. In an algorithmic trading dashboard, which Matplotlib feature allows you to display multiple plots in a single figure?
3. How would you add a legend to differentiate between multiple stock performance plots in Matplotlib?
4. To plot the correlation between two stocks using a scatter plot in Matplotlib, which function would you use?
5. Which function in Matplotlib would you use to visualize the frequency distribution of daily returns in a histogram?
6. When comparing the volume of trades of multiple stocks, which Matplotlib plot type would be most suitable?
7. In Matplotlib, how can you customize the style of your plots to improve visual appeal and readability?
8. Which Plotly function allows you to create an interactive scatter plot for visualizing algorithmic trading strategies?
9. To plot multiple time series data in a single Plotly figure, which function would you use?
10. How can you add interactivity, such as hover information, to a Plotly graph?
11. Which Plotly feature allows you to create subplots within a single figure for comparing different trading signals?
12. In Matplotlib, how can you plot a pie chart to represent the market share of different stocks?
13. To analyze the distribution of returns over multiple time frames, which Plotly plot type would be most effective?
14. Which Matplotlib function can be used to set the title of a plot, enhancing the context for viewers?
15. How can you incorporate multiple y-axes in a single Matplotlib plot to compare different trading metrics?
16. For real-time updating of trading data plots in Matplotlib, which technique is used?
17. When using Plotly to create a bar chart for trade volumes, which function would you utilize?
18. To change the color scheme of a Matplotlib plot to a predefined style, which function would you use?
19. How would you create an interactive pie chart in Plotly to represent portfolio allocation?
20. In Matplotlib, to plot multiple series with different colors and markers, which function is suitable?